Its been a while....

Posted on 22nd August, 2018

I can't believe its been almost a year since I posted on here. I was going to start by saying its been a busy few months... however its been much longer. So what has been happening... I wanted to share with you lots of articles and changes within the veterinary industry,etc, but this has been hampered by; Moving house and having to sort accomodation out for the pets while we settle in. (we now have a purpose built aviary and run, with sun room and shed and large floorspace. This greatly helps with the wildies that my wife and I rescue. It keeps them seperate and protected from further harm while they recouperate before release.) My job has had some changes, and got much busier and the house is undergoing building works too, so its been all hands on deck. Even with all of this there is still space for the kids to play aswell. 


But things are coming together and i've found the laptop leads and i'm ready to start posting again. Look out for the new RESCUE page appearing soon, this will detail our wildies that we care for an release. Well thats all for now. Thank you guys for following and i'll be back soon. :)



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