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Posted on 2nd April, 2017

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Almost 25 years ago I left school to embark on the best job ever!!


I've always had a great intrest in animals and always wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse. I left school with qualifications, not necessarily the correct ones needed for this particular field, but enough to get me started. My careers teacher had told me on several occasions that I was barking up the worng tree and wouldn't get into practice cleaning floors, nevermind actually nursing. Don't ever let these people dampen your plans!! I was enrolled on a course doing an NVQ in Animal Care, part of this was placement at a veterinary clinic, however due to insurance and some practices not wishing to partake in the venture, I was almost signed off the course. Luckily I managed to secure a place in a practice several miles away. This started my career as a Veterinary Nurse. 


My First Day....... 


Having had a brief interview before placement and meeting the staff, being 16 and a male, I didn't take anything in! Arriving for my first day not knowing what to expect, I was greeted by the receptionist, who had just had her jaw wired, and the Head Nurse, whos back was in a brace, one nurse on holiday and me!! You learn fast when dropped in the deep end, and i've never looked back. I was in awe of the Head Nurse as she knew everyone, specialsts, suppliers and clients... how does this happen? Well 25 years later, this is me, through the veterinay field and the few jobs i've had, i've also built up my knowledge and my own list of vets, specialists, suppliers and clients that I know. 


Being 16 and knowing everything! I managed to avoid speaking to people for a while, answering the phone is boring isn't it? and then of course what did I actually know?? Actually speaking to people is an essential part of the job and understanding a persons needs and expectations are needed for the job. Now I love speaking to people and its difficult at times to shut me up! Vet Nurses are an integral part of the veterinary team, without them, who would clean up after the vets ;) seriously though, this career may not pay the best or have the best working hours, where you can just drop everything at 5pm and go home, BUT its does give you great job satisfaction and you get to fix animals and people! to see them improving in front of your eyes is the best feeling ever. 


I've always had animals in my life, they have this bond with us that is like nothing else. I wouldn't change this job for anything in the world..... yes its hard at times and there are things some people may never understand unless you work in the profession, but its the best job to be part of. 


If you want to find out more bout a career in Veterinary Nursing you can check out it out Here







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